I did Chris's 6 week boot camp challenge. I have a background in running. That is my sport. It's what I know, and what I'm comfortable with. I also have a 24 hour fitness membership, with which I would use for running, but never ventured into the uncharted territory of the weights. Well, a year ago I gave birth to my daughter. My entire world changed, including my body. I had no idea the toll pregnancy would take on me. I came out of pregnancy feeling like a deflated balloon. So I ran, and ran, and ran.... Nothing. I was noticing NO difference in my body . What once worked for me no longer did. I was lost and had no idea how to lose the weight. I had fat in places I've never had before. I decided to sign up for boot camp. In six weeks Chris worked EVERY muscle In my body. She was always there to help me with my form. Every day is something new, your body never has the chance to plateau . It's amazing how much stronger I feel. Another thing I love about boot camp is the community of people. Everyone is there to help. No judgement. I loved Chris's boot camp and I know you'll love it too 💗


"I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish. In 6 weeks, I lost 12 lbs and lost almost 10 inches off my waist, chest, arms and legs. I have never felt better! Thank you Chris for helping me to become healthier and stronger!


"Chris Maloney is awesome. I love Shape Up bootcamp and TRX classes. I can tell a difference in how I feel and my core has become stronger from TRX. TRX has been my 60 minute secret to changing the mid-life muffin top to something stronger and leaner."


"I love this class!  With Shape Up! Boot Camp, I'm getting the benefits of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost!  I've just completed Week 3 and I have already lost 1" off of my hips!  Chris constantly changes it up with different equipment and routines so it stays interesting and my muscles are constantly challenged.  I highly recommend this class!!"


"When I moved to California 5 1/2 years ago, I left a great trainer and workout regimen behind. I wondered whether I would find a comparable workout here. Someone suggested I try ShapeUp! with Chris Maloney. Well, here I am still to this day and I have loved it ever since. I look forward to going to bootcamp and TRX and if I have to miss it for some reason, I am not a happy camper. Chris knows how to motivate you and makes sure that you are doing the exercises correctly so that you will not get hurt and get the maximum results. Any workout on any day is your workout; meaning you can ramp it up or tone it down depending on how you are feeling, and Chris will let you know how to modify to get the most. Chris is not only a great, knowlegeable trainer, she is just a great human being. I am blessed that I have had this opportunity and I love to take advantage of it 4-5 times a week. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone from age 10 to 110. "


Body fat down by +3%, lost almost 7"inches and 6 pounds! Also increased pushups from 12 to 23 and improved mile 38 seconds! "As a mother of 2 small children and in my mid 30’s, I had been fighting to get my pregnancy weight off for quite some time. After traveling down many weight loss paths with little to no success, I decided to join Shape Up! Since joining just 5 months ago I have lost 4 pants sizes and over 12lbs!"


"Over the past few years I've thought about working out.  I've read countless magazines about toning up and getting fit.  However, I will confess:  I was just too lazy to do it on my own.  I started walking/jogging daily, but it just wasn't enough.  My increasing weight and not being able to fit into my clothes started to bother me.  In addition, as my wedding date approached, I knew I needed to find someone to help me achieve my goals.  Shape Up! Boot Camp was (and still is) my GOLDEN TICKET!  Not only did I find an AMAZING personal trainer, but the group camaraderie is just what I needed to keep me going.  In seven months, I dropped countless pounds, trimmed inches, toned my body and OK, I'll spill the deets - went from a 10/12 to a size 4!  (Yes, I can't believe I'm divulging that much information to complete strangers, but it's just that good!)  I slipped on my wedding dress and felt wonderful.  It's been 14 months since I first started and I'm well on my way to toning my body even more for bikini season!  If you're in the same boat as I was last year, give Chris a call or send her an email (Chris@shapeupbootcamps.com) Heck, email me and I'll be happy to work out with you (6 AM - 7 AM class only)!"


"Getting married in October! Leanne rocked it for 6 weeks to attack those hard to lose last couple of pounds. She lost almost 2 inches, brought her body fat to a mere 14.6%, increased her muscle by 2 percentage points, as well as losing 2 pounds! " During those 6 weeks, I knew I didn't have much to lose... I made more progress toward my goal by decreasing body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass and more importantly, I feel better than I ever did before!"


"I have been working out with Shape Up! for about 7 months now. I was a little intimidated at first as I had not worked out for a while, and I was "a bit older and bigger" than most of the people in the class. But it was fine to go at my own pace and do as much as I could; I can now do just about everything. This is the best investment of an hour that I could possible make in my own health. Chris mixes things up and it has never been boring. I feel good physically and I feel no more guilt about not working out!"


"I asked Chris Maloney to help me with personal training sessions six weeks prior to my goal of hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. An experienced Pleasanton “boot camper”, I knew Chris would be the one to whip me into shape to realize my goal.Chris provided one-on-one weight lifting training sessions 3 days a week and created a different cardio regimen for each of the other days of the week. I normally work out on my own at the gym. But, I don’t train nearly as hard as I did with Chris’ help.  And, wow, was it worth it. Not only did I achieve my goal of hiking Half Dome; but, dare I say, it was easier than I expected. I only had one blister and mildly achy knees after the 12- hour hike. Pulling myself up the cables was the easiest part – definitely due to all of the back, bicep, and tricep exercises!I totally credit Chris and her training sessions for getting me into the shape I needed to be to complete the hike. My hiking shorts were looser and I received compliments for my trimmed physique – added bonuses!As I showed the Yosemite National Park map to my friends, I realized that although I have completed many hikes, there are so many to go. So, my new goal is to hike all of the published trail hikes in Yosemite.Thank you, Chris, for helping me accomplish this goal and for inspiring me to create new ones!"


"Twenty-three years, 2 kids, and 55lbs since the last time I honestly worked out, I 'saw the light' when my BP registered 144/94 in Sept '09. The next day, I signed up for Shape Up! bootcamp - an intense 1-hr coed workout 3x/week that just about killed me .. and I've been at it ever since. Within 2 weeks, my BP dropped to 118/68 and my heart/pulse rate is the best it's been since college. I've lost 20lbs; my clothes fit WAY better; my life-long asthma has virtually disappeared; my plantar fascitis is gone; allergies are practically nonexistent (I know, weird!); I haven't had a sciatic nerve flareup; the arthritis starting in my hands is gone; bursitis in both knees has lessened; and I feel amazing! I worked for several years at 2 health clubs, even dabbling a bit in body building. That said, I can say without reservation that Chris is one of the most effective/results-oriented fitness trainers I have personally experienced. She takes her work seriously and it shows."